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World Food Safety Day/ Contamination with “foreign materials” the focus of events for Brazilian company


On 7 June 2024, the company Via Rovigo Distribution, located in the city of Sertãozinho, state of São Paulo, celebrated World Day of Food Safety.

Activities included lectures on Foreign Materials, an information mural and a special gift. The celebration ended with snacks, as every party should. The actions were carried out under the slogan of the World Food Safety Day Campaign: "The Food Safety is Everyone’s Business."

The company has 160 employees, and 100% of them participated in the day’s activities, covering all shifts. During the World Food Safety Day events the importance of food safety was highlighted at all stages of the production chain, from production to consumption. A key focus was the fight against the presence of foreign materials in food manufacturing. According to the company “Foreign materials are substances or objects that are not part of the normal composition of the food and they can range from fragments of glass, metals, plastics, to biological contaminants. These materials represent a significant risk to the health of consumers, which can cause anything from mild discomfort to even serious injury or illness. The importance of prevention of contamination by foreign materials begins with strict quality control. That involved the implementation of safety and hygiene practices, such as the use of metal detectors.”

In addition, staff were trained on the best hygiene and safety practices. From cultivation and harvesting through to processing and packaging, each phase presents specific risks of contamination. Implementation of the HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) helps to identify and control potential risks.

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