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World Food Safety Day/ Government initiative in Peru names youth leaders for food safety


Lima, 12 June 2024

Within the framework of World Food Safety Day, the Ministry of Production (Produce), through the National Fisheries Health Organization (SANIPES), appointed the first five school leaders of food safety in the Institución Educativa Mercedes Cabello Carbonara, located in the Rímac district.

The young leaders, who will be representatives of their respective secondary school grades - from the first to the fifth - will act as spokespersons to raise awareness about foodborne diseases. Likewise, they will have the great responsibility of promoting the importance of consuming healthy, nutritious and safe foods in their school, home and community.

The initiative has started at this school and will extend to 15 schools in Lima this year and in 2025 the initiative will be replicated at the national level. This is in order to continue raising awareness among students about the importance of eating healthy foods. The executive president of SANIPES, Mónica Saavedra Chumbe, highlighted the students' commitment to being spokespersons to spread information on food safety in order to mitigate health risks due to foodborne diseases. “It is important that we can contribute to food security in our country and in the world, and we can achieve this by preventing diseases through food safety and good hand washing,” added Saavedra Chumbe.

For his part, the Vice Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Jesús Barrientos, highlighted that food is a basic human need in Peruvian homes. “When we consume clean and healthy foods, we process nutrients correctly to have an active and healthy life, and thus we avoid diseases,” he said.

Additionally, approximately 600 students from the educational institution were trained in a playful way with the play A Tale of Safety, which revolved around the five keys to safer food.

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