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Kenya / Increasing engagement in Codex by building up National Committee


Kenya, in an effort to streamline and increase efficiency for participation in Codex work recently reconstituted its National Codex Committee. On Tuesday 2 March 2021, the Codex Contact Point, housed in the Kenya Bureau of Standards held an induction programme for the newly reconstituted committee. “This move was to ensure maximum representation from all key food safety players,” said Maryann Kindiki who is the new Codex Contact Point for Kenya. Among the issues discussed were how the Codex Alimentarius Commission operates, details regarding the independent scientific bodies that provide specialist advice to Codex committees, the role of the National Codex Committee and that of the Codex Contact Point who coordinates all Codex activities within a member country. Participants were also briefed on the set up and operations of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Africa.

Kenya National Codex Committee

Esther Ngari, Kenya Bureau of Standards (left) and Grace Muchemi, Chairperson of the National Codex Committee

The Codex website is a central hub where users can access all the Codex standards, guidelines and codes of practice that often form the basis of national food safety legislation. The website also contains meeting documents and houses the systems that push out constant updates on work passing through the technical committees. Those attending the induction were shown how to successfully navigate the main areas of the site. “An optimal-performing team understands every member's role and responsibility,” said Kindiki. “We hope that the new team will be able to articulate Codex matters in the country as well as in the region, the ultimate goal being to ensure the safety and health of the citizens and ensure fair practices in food trade”.


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