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Food safety authority in Cabo Verde to hold a live discussion for World Food Safety Day


In Cape Verde, the Independent Regulatory Authority for Health (Entidade Reguladora Independente da Saúde), ERIS, has joined the celebration of World Food Safety Day with an online event under the theme of the year "Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow. In this context, the Independent Regulatory Authority for Health plans to launch the "Manual of Good Hygiene Practices for Food Establishments".  

The opening address will be given by Dr. Eduardo Tavares, Chairman of the Board of ERIS Administration. The first panel will see Raul Garcia from the WHO Secretariat of the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) introduce the World Food Safety Day campaign, followed by the presentations by Dr Edith Pereira, National Administrator for Health Promotion at WHO Cabo Verde country office, and Dr. Ana Touza, FAO representative in Cabo Verde, about the two organizations’ role in promoting food safety. 

The second part of the webinar will be dedicated to the presentation of the “Manual of Good Hygiene Practices for Food Establishments” by Dr. Verena Furtado, Regulation Technician at ERIS. The closing speech will be given by Dr. Patrícia Miranda Alfama, Executive Director of ERIS. 

All the relevant information about the event is being shared through the ERIS Facebook page:, including the video with more information: 


Date and time: June 7, 09:00 am (GMT-1)