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Public exhibition in Senegal’s capital marks World Food Safety Day


On World Food Safety Day, Senegal’s Minister for Health and Social Action presided over a food safety exposition in the country’s capital, Dakar, on 7 June, and gave a speech about the need to promote food safety “for our health and for our economy.”

Events were organized in Dakar and Kaolack to raise awareness among stakeholders on the importance of food safety and the implementation of strategies that ensure safer food, to avoid foodborne illness. Panel discussions were also convened. The campaign was organized by the Ministry of Health, with the support of other ministries involved in agriculture, fisheries, livestock, commerce, industry, public hygiene and the environment.

As part of the national efforts, representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) each recorded a video address about World Food Safety Day. Senior Policy Officer for FAO’s subregional office for West Africa, Bintia Stephan-Tchicaya, explained that “FAO, through its strategic framework emphasizes the need for more efficient, inclusive, resilient, sustainable agri-food systems, for better production, better nutrition, better environment, and a better life – leaving no one behind.” These “four betters” that lie at the heart of FAO’s new strategy will rely on robust food safety systems.

For WHO, Dr Lucile Marie Imboua-Niava, explained that this year’s World Food Safety Day campaign focuses on the complex linkages between human health, animal health, plant health, the environment and the economy. She reminded listeners that everybody has a role to play on keeping food safe – from the farm to the fork. She pointed to the WHO project “marché-santé,” which emphasises the need for hygienic practices in food markets.