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Food Nation webinar for World Food Safety Day in Denmark


The Danish Agriculture and Food Council, together with Food Nation, will be marking World Food Safety Day this year with a webinar that will focus on the theme of plant-based foods.

According to the event website, the strong collaboration between companies and authorities in Denmark is a key reason for the “high quality and safety” of Danish food, and this “gives Danish food companies a unique opportunity to test, develop and innovate their products and solutions early in the development process.” This webinar will discuss how “to constantly be at the forefront of global trends and demands, it is important to look ahead and focus on how the food sector can continue to contribute to healthy and safe food and sustainable development.”

The two-part event will consider issues under the themes of

-        Strengthened cooperation supports exports

-        Plant-based foods

Language: Danish

Date & time: 7 June 10:00-12:00 CEST


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