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South-West Pacific region creates local hub in Canberra for CCEXEC82


The 82nd meeting of the Codex Executive Committee (CCEXEC) is being held virtually from 20 to 30 June 2022. However, representatives from the South West Pacific region met in person ahead of the meeting to prepare for and participate in the meeting from a single location.

The Regional Coordinator for CCNASWP, Vinesh Kumar from Fiji, accompanied by Fiji’s Codex Contact Point, Susana Levula, travelled to Canberra, Australia, to join the Member for the South West Pacific, Tekon Timothy Tumukon of Vanuatu and his two advisors, Lisa Ralph from New Zealand and Scott Mersch from Australia.

The CCEXEC82 delegates from Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Australia met with senior officials from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. They discussed the importance of strong engagement by the South West Pacific in Codex, shared insights on agricultural issues in their countries, and discussed opportunities for cooperation.

Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary Dept of Agriculture, water and Environnment, Australia (left) with Vinesh Kumar, Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Fiji and regional Coordinator for CCNASWP

Andrew Metcalfe, Secretary, Dept of Agriculture, Water and Environnment, Australia (left)
with Vinesh Kumar, Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Fiji and Regional Coordinator for CCNASWP

Virtual preparation for CCEXEC82 commenced in March 2022 – papers were shared, positions were drafted, and robust discussions were held. Those with CCEXEC experience shared their knowledge with those new to the role.

The idea for the regional representatives to attend CCEXEC82 together was based on lessons learnt from the previous session. Members then had found it difficult to respond to evolving issues and to craft collective interventions from within a virtual setup. Attending the meeting as a region from a single location has significantly benefited advisors and the Member and Coordinator. They have found they can have active discussions, share views easily, and together draft the brief and agree on harmonized regional positions – and they can do so without fear of unreliable internet connections. Being together has strengthened relations, which in turn leads to a better understanding of countries’ positions, clearing the way for a more united regional position.

Meeting in person has also provided opportunities to begin planning activities for CCNASWP and the Codex 60th Anniversary in 2023.


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Delegates from Fiji, Australia, Vanuatu and New Zealand