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Grenada National Codex Contact Point joins with Ministries of Agriculture and Health to celebrate World Food Safety Day 2023


In Grenada, the National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) has organized World Food Safety Day activities, which include the delivery of the World Food Safety Day message by the Minister of Agriculture, which will be aired on national television, and a video of the World Food Safety Day message, which will be delivered by the Director of the Bureau of Standards (NCCP) and placed on social media platforms.

In addition, ‘Five Keys to Safer Food’ posters will be distributed and displayed at preschools and daycare centres and World Food Safety Day posters will be distributed and displayed at the main work buildings of the Ministries of Health and Agriculture. E-posters will also be circulated to National Codex Committee members for display at their workplaces and “did you know” facts on World Food Safety Day will be placed on NCCP social media platforms for seven days, as well as a locally produced video on World Food Safety Day.