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Suriname students to educate others on food safety for World Food Safety Day


The Agriculture Production Department of the Anton de Kom University educates people (students and stakeholders) on the importance of having access to safe food, and issues that can influence food safety. The department aims to increase visitors’ awareness about food safety in an on-campus ‘Food Safety Day Event’. The event topic will be the department’s contribution to knowledge about food safety.

Students, staff and lecturers/researchers of the Agricultural Department will celebrate the day by sharing their knowledge with other interested persons and will also carry out fundraising activities for students’ ongoing research projects.

A booth will be setup at the Agricultural Department with all the information during the morning of 7 June at the AdeKUS Campus, building 7. Teachers, staff and students will be involved in sharing knowledge on food safety. A poster has been designed with information on food safety and contributors will also highlight some information on chemical contamination in food on which the agriculture department has recently worked.