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Online event planned for Spain’s Federation of Food Science and Technology Associations


Under the title, “Food standards in a scientific and sustainable environment” FEDALCYTA (Federation of Food Science and Technology Associations), in collaboration with the Torribera Food Campus of the University of Barcelona, have organized an online seminar to participate in World Food Safety Day.

The event coincides with the European Green Week and the European Year of Skills. Member associations (ACTAE, ACYTAEX, Associació Catalana de CTA and ATECTA-Aragón) will use this event to explore the importance of addressing food safety from a scientific point of view but including other European sociocultural and economic aspects such as sustainability and continuous training demanded by the agri-food sector.

The preliminary programme includes four presentations that can be followed online, on the afternoon of 7 June, World Food Safety Day. Hand in hand with the ELIKA Foundation, they will address concepts such as risk, danger (biological, chemical, physical) which are key tools when it comes to delivering scientific reports and opinions to professionals, companies and citizens alike.

Next, based on the European Green Pact, sustainable food production will be addressed through the search for alternatives to chemical synthesis products in the protection of pests. Following that, part of the results of the European EQVEGAN Erasmus+ project will be presented, in which some professional profiles have been updated, among which the Food Technologist stands out in terms of sustainability, soft skills, production and food technologies based on of vegetable proteins and/or digitization. To this end, different training modules have been created and the certification process will be ready shortly to allow mobility at a European level. This activity will conclude with the approach of the official control of the food chain by the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, as an example of the result of the application of current food regulations with the intention of ensuring and safeguarding the placing on the market of healthy, safe, sustainable and unique food for citizens.

Date:    7 June
Time     16.00–17.30 hours CEST

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