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Hybrid technical seminar on nutrition and climate change

05/06/2024 05/06/2024

This 3 to 7 June will mark the first celebration of Rome Nutrition Week. A coalition of Members, working closely with the relevant leads in the Rome-based Agencies, are hosting a series of events, meetings and discussions designed to increase the spotlight on nutrition and reaffirm the importance of collective action and accountability to address global nutrition challenges.

In support to the first celebration of Rome Nutrition Week, FAO is hosting this technical webinar with the objective of sharing the most recent evidence on the relationships between climate change and nutrition.

The session will provide updates on the latest evidence about the effects of climate change on human health and nutrition outcomes, the various pathways of these impacts, and highlight current evidence and opportunities to drive integrated policy, action and investment for nutrition and climate.

This seminar intends to stimulate conversation ahead of the Roundtable for Climate – Nutrition to be held at  headquarters in September 2024.

Register here to join on Zoom.