Глобальная платформа фермерских полевых школ


Global solutions for integrating gender equality in farmer field schools (FFS): results from FAO/CARE's joint study
Event 30 May 2024 - 30 May 2024
WHY THIS WEBINAR?   In many countries, women are the unrecognized driving force of agrifood systems, yet they often face barriers to full participation in decision-making and income-generating activities. Globally, 36 percent of working women are employed in agrifood systems. In many...
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Building resilience through farmer field schools: FAO's climate-proofing efforts in Zimbabwe to face El Niño threats
News 21 May 2024
El Niño events are jeopardizing food security in Southern Africa. With 70 percent of the population relying on agriculture, rising temperatures and severe drought threaten the region. Zimbabwe following Malawi and Zambia, has declared a state of natural disaster due...
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Event 13 May 2024 - 17 May 2024
Innovation and digitalization have the potential to drive new growth in the agricultural sector and transformagrifoodsystemsacross Europe and Central Asia. Theycan serve as tools to optimize production and processing, developsustainable value chains, streamlinetrade and transparency, minimizeenvironmental impact, utilizeresourcessustainably, and facilitateeconomic...
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Empowering Sri Lankan Paddy Farmers through Innovative Learning: Launch of Farmer Field Days and Nenawagawa Digital Platform
News 25 March 2024
   07 March 2024, Polonnaruwa: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with European Union (EU), have launched a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the knowledge and practices of Integrated Plant...
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Celebration of the training of facilitators and master trainers in Burundi: A Key Step towards Sustainable Agriculture in Burundi
News 19 March 2024
The graduation ceremony for master trainers and facilitators of the Farmer Field Schools (FFS) approach in Burundi, which took place on Friday February 09, 2024, was a major event in the advancement of Burundian agriculture. Organized by the Food and...
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