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September 2009 - Technical consultation

In this page you can find shared materials for technical support and discussion. 


24-25 September 2009, Technical Consultation "Food, Agriculture, and Cities: challenges and way forward

Proceedings of the meeting (in PDF format)

Food, agriculture and cities, briefing note

Presentations of the 1st day (24th September)

Urban Food Security and Nutrition

  1. Urban Agriculture and Nutrition. Empirical Evidence from a Sample of Developing Countries, Luca Tasciotti, FAO-ESAF
  2. Improving urban access to indigenous vegetables in east Africa, Pablo Eyzaguirre, Bioversity International

Urban Agriculture

  1. Urban Harvest: urbanization, urban food security and the international agricultural research agenda, Gordon Prain Urban Harvest
  2. Outcomes of the UPH workshop at the All African Horticulture Congress, Remi NonoWomdim, FAO-AGPC

Sustainable Water Management

  1. Growing scarcity of water and need for improved water management, Jean-Marc Faures, FAO-NRLW
  2. Reality, drivers and potential of wastewater reuse in urban and peri-urban agriculture, Liqa Raschid, IWMI-Ghana
  3. Sanitation concepts for the city of the future, Arne Panesar, SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance) / GTZ, Eschborn

Land Use Planning

  1. UPA in Kigali Master plan, Wilfried Baudoin, FAO-AGPC
  2. Enabling legal frameworks for urban and peri-urban agriculture, Margret Vidar, FAO-LEGN 
  3. Regional planning for greener cities, Michelle Gauthier, FAO-FOMC
  4. Changing the land use in peri-urban areas of Milan through new food productions driven by "local" markets, Andrea Calori, URGENCI Network and Milan Polytechnic

Presentations of the 2nd day (25th September)

Cities and Crises

  1. Humanitarian challenges in urban areas: towards a joint strategy,  Florence Egal - FAO focal point, IASC Task Force
  2. FAO emergency response in urban and peri-urban areas: the example of Haiti, Sylvie Wabbes Candotti, FAO-TCEO

Institutional Issues in Urban Areas

  1. Municipal policy making on Urban Agriculture, Marielle Dubbeling, RUAF
  2. City-to-city cooperation, FAO Decentralised Cooperation Programme, Paola Castelgrande
  3. Urban Rural Linkages and Emerging Policy Processes & Tools for Local Food System Governance, Arthur Getz Escudero, HEIFER International