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Correct Screen Resolution

In Windows 95/98/NT or MacOS, you will need to set your monitors' colour depth and screen resolution to at least 800x600 pixels:

Go to the Start Menu-->Settings-->Control Panels
In the Control Panels window, double-click on the Display icon
In the Display Window, click on the Settings Tab at the top of the window
In the Settings Window, set the Colour Palette to at least "True Color (24-bit)'
Set the Desktop Area control bar to 800x600 pixels

Software Installation & Usage


To install the Netscape browser software :

a) from Windows Explorer, select the drive designation for your CD-ROM (e.g., D:)
b) open (double-click on) the Netscape sudirectory folder (\NETSCAPE)
c) execute the netscape setup routine by double-clicking on the file Setup.exe. This program will lead you through the rest of the installation process.

To install the Acrobat Reader software :

a) from Windows Explorer, select the drive designation for your CD-ROM device; (e.g., D:)
b) open (double-click on) the D:>\Acrobat\ subdirectory folder
c) execute the Acrobat Reader setup routine by double-clicking on the file Setup.exe
d) follow the instructions on-screen by the setup program.

To access the LTR files :

a) from the 'Desktop', double-click on the Netscape icon to launch the Netscape application
b) from the 'File' menu, select 'Open Page'
c) from the dialogue box that will appear on your screen, click on 'Choose File' and select the drive designation for your CD-ROM device
d) open (double-click on) the document INDEX.HTM and then click 'OK'

Note:    Click here if you would like a more detailed visual demonstration.

Using Acrobat Reader:

Online usage instructions are available:

From the Acrobat Reader program:

From the 'Help' Menu, select Reader Guide.

Changing the Acrobat Reader Language:

The English & French versions of Acrobat Reader software provided on this CD-ROM are identical. You may change the application's language between English & French by doing the following:

From the Acrobat Reader program:

From the 'File' Menu, select Preferences and then General;

Under the 'Display' section, select English (or Français) as the 'Current language'.

Loading or Printing Acrobat Files:

Adobe Acrobat Reader software is designed to work within the Netscape browser. This means when you open a document with the file extension (.pdf), the computer will turn on the Acrobat Reader software, but display the file within the Netscape browser.

If you are having problems getting files to load or files to print, please follow the instructions below.

From Windows Explorer, go to the following directory

C:--> Program Files-->Netscape-->Communicator-->Program-->Plugins

Delete the file 'nppdf32.dll' using the right mouse button or move the file outside the 'Plugins' directory.

Now when you try to open a file in Netscape, the file will actually open up inside the Acrobat Reader Program instead. This should alleviate any downloading or printing problems in the future.

To navigate the website

Hyperlinks allow you to navigate a website by clicking on specific objects or text. Each hyperlink takes you to another webpage containing information on a related topic...

Any time you see a 'hand icon' appear, you can click on that image or text to go to another page

a) an example of a image hyperlink (which would take you to the FINNIDA website)

b) an example of a text hyperlink, which would take you to the Project Implementation section

c) These arrows are hyperlinks which lead you to the next topic

d) These hyperlinks at the bottom of every page allow you to go to any section of the website

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