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   General LTR objectives are to expand scientific understanding of fish production dynamics in Lake Tanganyika and to use this improved knowledge base in formulating a coherent lake-wide fisheries management plan in order to maximize the sustainable exploitation of the important, but fluctuating pelagic fish stock.

Specific project aims include:

  • establishment of an agreed ongoing lake-wide modern scientific fisheries research programme with continuing exchange and utilisation of research results and experiences between the four participating States;
  • collaboration with the four national research centres in order to build institutional capability for sustaining the agreed fisheries research programme in a co-ordinated self-sufficient manner;
  • collaboration with the four national research centres in order to strengthen their technical support role in providing scientific data and advice required for national development programmes and the optimum exploitation of the fishery resources of Lake Tanganyika; and
  • facilitate establishment and implementation of a mechanism enabling Governments of the four lacustrine States, to co-ordinate the management and exploitation of the pelagic fishery resources of the whole of Lake Tanganyika.

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