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   The Adobe Acrobat Reader® has a special 'search' function which allows you to search the LTR publications. This feature is available for CD-ROM users ONLY. There is currently no search function for website users.

   If you have not yet installed the Acrobat Reader software (or do not have the search function installed), you will need to install the Acrobat Reader software that is enclosed on this CD. Installation instructions can be found in the CD leaflet or here.

    To search the LTR Publications :

a) From the Acrobat Reader program, go to the Tools menu, then select Search and then Indexes.

b) Click on the Add button...

c) and select the address of your CD-ROM drive (e.g., E:) from the Look in: dialog box...

d) navigate to the LTR directory...

e) then navigate to the FTP directory...

f) to add the LTR Searchable Index, click on the file INDEX.PDX to highlight the file and then click on the Open button...

g) Then click Add to add the 'LTR Documents' index to Acrobat Reader.

NOTE: This procedure only needs to be completed once. Make sure the LTR CD-ROM is in the CD drive before searching the publications.

h) To search, click on the Search button on the toolbar Adobe Acrobat Search Menu Button> <u>or</u><P>
Alternatively, from the <font color=Tools menu, select Search then Query.

i) Then enter Key words or a document reference and click the Search button to begin searching the archive.

Note: We have provided pictures of the above procedure.
   Click here
if you would like a more detailed visual demonstration.

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