FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

FIRMS Steering Committee Meeting

Eleventh Session

Rome, Italy 13-14 May 2019



Provisional List of documents

FIRMS FSC11/2019/1

Annotated Agenda and Timetable

Review of the FIRMS activities during the intersession period (June 2017-April 2019)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/2

Secretariat report on Progress and Issues

    FIRMS FSC11/2019/2a
    FIRMS FSC11/2019/2b
    FIRMS FSC11/2019/2c
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2d
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2e
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2f
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2g
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2h
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2i
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2j
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2k
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2l
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2m
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2n
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2o
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2p
    FIRMS FCS11/2019/2q
Partners reports:

FIRMS FSC11/2019/3

Summary of TWG6 recommendations

Review of strategic aspects

FIRMS FSC11/2019/4

FIRMS Collaborative Arrangement (Template)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/5

The Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/6

The Global Atlas of Tuna and Tuna-like species (FIRMS Tuna Atlas

FIRMS FSC11/2019/7

UW Expression of intent

FIRMS FSC11/2019/8

FIRMS-SFP Collaborative Arrangement (Proposal)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/9

FIRMS-FORTH Collaborative Arrangement (Proposal)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/10

FIRMS-IRD Collaborative Arrangement (Proposal)

FIRMS FSC11/2019/11

FAO-CNR MoU (Proposal)*

FIRMS FSC11/2019/12

FAO-FORTH SLA on GRSF (Proposal)*

FIRMS FSC11/2019/13

FAO-CNR SLA on GRSF (Proposal)*

FIRMS FSC11/2019/14

FIRMS Information Management Policy (IMP) - FSC10 version

FIRMS FSC11/2019/15

Proposal for amendment of the FIRMS Rules of Procedures

Information documents

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.1

List of Documents

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.2

List of Participants

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.3

FIRMS Partnership Arrangement

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.4

FIRMS Steering Committee Rules and Procedures

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.5

Standard template for reporting on FIRMS activities

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.6

Report of the tenth Session of the FIRMS Steering Committee Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 21-24 June 2017

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.7a

Meeting Report - eTWG 6.1

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.7b

Meeting Report - eTWG 6.2

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.8

FIRMS web trends statistics over the period 2007-2018

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.9

Report of the FAO Technical workshop on global harmonization of Tuna fisheries statistics Rome, 19–22 March 2018

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.10

BlueBRIDGE Technical Working Group (TWG3) joint meeting with FIRMS TWG6 on the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF), Rome, Italy, 7–9 February 2018

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.11

BlueBRIDGE External Advisory Board Meeting (EAB) - Technical Working Group Meeting on Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries - Second Session, Rome, Italy, 28 February, 1 and 2 March 2017

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.12

FIRMS Technical Working Group Meeting (FIRMS-TWG5) Fifth session - BlueBRIDGE Technical Working Group Meeting (BB-TWG1) First session - BlueBRIDGE Advisory Board Meeting, Rome, Italy, 29 February – 1 March 2016

FIRMS FSC11/2019/Inf.13

Expression of interest of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in the GRSF


FIRMS FSC11 Opening Slide
FIRMS FSC11 Report of Activities
FIRMS FSC11 Future H2020 development opportunities
FIRMS FSC11 Tuna Atlas
FIRMS FSC11 RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database
FIRMS FSC11 Governance model for GRSF and Tuna Atlas

Flickr Photostream

Signing Ceremony Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System y SPRFMO and FCWC, Regional Fisheries Management Organizations

* Meeting document available exclusively to participants as a hard copy

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