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Genetic management of aquaculture stocks in sub-Saharan Africa - Report of a Producers'Workshop. Accra, Ghana, 27 February-3 March 2006
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP27  PDF
2006 Details and available languages 
Guiding principles for promoting aquaculture in Africa - Benchmarks for sustainable development.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP28  PDF  ZIP
2006 Details and available languages 
Report of the FAO-WorldFish Center Workshop on Small-scale Aquaculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: Revisiting the Aquaculture Target Group Paradigm. Limbé, Cameroon, 23¿26 March 2004.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP25  PDF
2005 Details and available languages 
A synthesis of the formulated animal and aquafeeds industry in sub-Saharan Africa.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP26  PDF  ZIP
2005 Details and available languages 
Supporting aquaculture development in Africa: Research Network on Integration of Aquaculture and Irrigation
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP23
1998 Details and available languages 
Support Aquaculture Development in Africa: Aquatic Farming Systems Information Network
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP22
1997 Details and available languages 
Aquatic plants and wetland wildlife resources of Nigeria.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP21
1994 Details and available languages 
Inland fishery resources of Nigeria.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP20
1993 Details and available languages 
Papers presented at the Symposium on Biology, Stock Assessment and Exploitation of Small Pelagic Fish Species in the African Great Lakes Region. Bujumbura (Burundi). 25-28 November 1992.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP19  PDF
1993 Details and available languages 
Artisanal fisheries of the Chad Basin in Africa. An overview of research and annotated bibliography 1920-1990.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP18
1992 Details and available languages 
Models for estimating potential fish yields of African inland waters
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP16
1992 Details and available languages 
Database on the Inland Fishery Resources of Africa (DIFRA). A description
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/CPCA/OP17
1992 Details and available languages 
A limnological bibliography of Malawi. Supplement One.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP13(Suppl.)
1991 Details and available languages 
Predator-prey relationships, population dynamics and fisheries productivities of large African lakes.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP15
1988 Details and available languages 
Satellite remote sensing to locate and inventory small water bodies for fisheries management and aquaculture development in Zimbabwe (Committee for Inland Fisheries of Africa)
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP14
1987 Details and available languages 
A limnological bibliography of Malawi
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP13
1986 Details and available languages 
Review of the state of aquatic pollution of West and Central African inland waters
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP12
1985 Details and available languages 
New reservoirs in Africa, 1980-2000
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP11
1984 Details and available languages 
Selected bibliography on major African reservoirs.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP10
1983 Details and available languages 
Bibliography of fisheries and limnology for Lake Tanganyika.
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP6Rev.1
1982 Details and available languages 
Review of the State of aquatic pollution of East African Inland Waters
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP9
1981 Details and available languages 
The Inland Fisheries of Africa
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP7
1979 Details and available languages 
Bibliography of fisheries and limnology for Lake Tanganyika
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP6
1978 Details and available languages 
A bibliography of African freshwater fish. Supplement 1 (1968-1975)
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP5
1976 Details and available languages 
Accra, Ghana, 3¿7 October 1975
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/R2
1975 Details and available languages 
Report of the Consultation on Fisheries problems in the sahelian zone - Bamako, Mali, 13-20 November 1974
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP4
1975 Details and available languages 
Handbook of artisanal boatbuilding
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP2
1975 Details and available languages 
The relationship of yield to morpho-edaphic index and numbers of fishermen in African inland fisheries
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP1
1974 Details and available languages 
Some general and theoretical considerations on the fish production of African rivers
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP3
1974 Details and available languages 
Report of the 1st session of the FAO Committee for Inland Fisheries of Africa - Fort-Lamy, Chad, 29 November - 5 December 1972
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/R1
1973 Details and available languages 
Database on the inland fishery resources of Africa (DIFRA). A Description
  CIFA Occasional Paper CIFA/OP17
 Details and available languages 

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