Aquaculture Feed and Fertilizer Resources Information System

Barramundi - Feeding methods

Hand feeding is commonly practiced in ponds and cages where labour cost is low. In Southeast Asia, trash fish is often chopped and broadcasted by hand. Trash fish can either be prepared daily, or refrigerated for later use.

In intensive larval culture, live food, pellets and microalgae are fed by hand but automatic feeders are often used to maintain optimum feeding frequencies and to ensure optimal densities of microalgae and live food in the tanks. Drip feeding systems (Figure 8) can be used for live food and clockwork-driven belt feeders for pellets. During the hatchery period frequent feeding improves growth and reduces cannibalism (Kailasam et al., 2002).

In larger systems (cages, tanks or ponds) feed blowers, feeding rings or automatic feeders are used to provide the single daily meal.