The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department has created a new Web site containing all FAO Aquaculture information products from 2006 to date. This Web site is new as of February 2013 and will be regularly updated.

A key role of FAO as a knowledge organization is to provide advice and information to Member countries to ensure the sustainable contribution of aquaculture to food supply, food security and general economic growth through the adoption of responsible aquaculture practices. To this end, FAO pays particular attention to the dissemination of information focusing on new emerging issues, reporting on the trends in aquaculture development at the national, regional and global level.

More han two hundred publications related to aquaculture, including CD-ROMs, web-based products and newsletters have been published and distributed worldwide since 2006, in both hard and electronic versions. All these publications have been assembled in this Web site to make them easily available and searchable to all users.

Users can search publications by categories as shown in the left hand-side menu of the home page or through the publication list. Each publication has the thumbnail of the cover page, the title, author/s, year of publication, abstract, and ISBN number.

Readers can download documents listed in the Web site by clicking on the title. The publications are all available as PDF (Portable Document Format) and many of them are also available in other FAO official languages.


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