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Fig. H4.61.0 shows the boundaries of the Northwest Pacific (Major Fishing Area 61).

A description of the area is as follows:

All marine waters of the Northwest Pacific bounded by a line commencing from a point on the mainland coast of Russia in the Western Bering Sea at 175°00'W longitude and running due south along this meridian to 20°00'N latitude; thence running due west along this parallel to 115°00'E longitude; thence due south to 15°00'N latitude; thence due west to a point on the southeast coast of Asian Mainland at 15°00'N latitude; thence in a northeasterly direction along the coasts of Asian and Russian Mainland to the point of departure.

There are no subdivisions of the Northwest Pacific (Major Fishing Area 61) that are recognized for the collection of STATPAC catch and effort data.

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