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Collection Overview  
The Cultured Aquatic Species Fact Sheet collection, is directed at those wishing to gain an understanding of the steps that should be followed to start to raise aquatic species (fish, mollusc, seaweeds and frogs) and learn about current techniques at the global level, provides a general overview of various cultural aspects (e.g. production systems, diseases and control measures, production statistics, market and trade) for the most important species in aquaculture. A detailed and comprehensive bibliography as well as related links are also provided. The fact sheets are compiled following a standard template and are regularly updated.
Available Formats & Information Products  
Cultured Aquatic Species Fact Sheets are being compiled and made available for instance on the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department home page.

Cultured species distribution maps automatically generated from FAO statistics.

Accurate illustrations of the production cycles of the species.
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