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GISFish is a "one stop" site from which to obtain the global experience on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Mapping as applied to Aquaculture and Inland fisheries. GISFish sets out the issues in aquaculture and inland fisheries, and demonstrates the benefits of using GIS, remote sensing and mapping to resolve them. The global experience provided by GISFish is captured in Issues, Publications, Activities, Training, Data and Tools, Contacts, Discussions, News and events.

The mission for this site, as well as its overriding goal, is "Solving problems in inland fisheries and aquaculture using GIS, remote sensing and mapping".
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GISFish is aimed at a broad range of users. The beneficiaries include researchers, planners and managers in national, sub-national and international organizations, scientific institutes and universities. Other beneficiaries are in the commercial sectors of aquaculture and inland fisheries.
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