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Persons Met And Mission Schedule


FAO, Abidjan

24/10 Rinville, F, FAORepresentative
Kouao N�Guessan (Mrs) Librarian a.i.

Centre de Recherches Océanologiques (CRO), Abidjan

24/10 Amon Kothias, J.B. Director
Dadie, Pascal Scientific Secretary
Boka Datte, N. Assistant Librarian
25/10 Nassere Kaba (Mrs) Coordinator RECOSCIX - CEA Network
Ehui Diakite, S. (Mrs) Librarian

Institut des Savanes (IDESSA), Bouake

25/10 Ziehi, A.(Mrs) Animal Resources (Fish Culture) Dept., Researcher FAO/FIRI TCDC Consultant
26/10 Koffi Goli Director General
Ziehi, A. (Mrs) As above
Yte Wongbé, A. Animal Resources (Fish Culture) Dept. Director
Tahouo, O. (Mrs) Librarian
Kouame Koffi Assistant Librarian

West Africa Rice Development Association (ADRAO / WARDA), Bouake

28/10 Diallo, A. Documentaliste


29/10 Tall, A. Director


FAO, Bamako

30/10-1/11 Bathily, M. National Programme Officer
Sissoko, M.B. (Mrs) Programme Clerk

Institut du Sahel, Bamako


Ly, A.A. Chief, Projet sahélien de Communication (PROSACOM)
Diarra, M.L. Documentaliste (RESADOC databases)
Sokanda, A.D. Documentaliste

Ministère du Développement Rural/Environnement

Direction Nationale des Ressources Forestières/Fauniques/Halieutiques

31/10 Souleymane, C. Directeur Général Adjoint, Développement rural
Maiga, A. Directeur National
Tounkara, S. Chef, Division Pêche/Pisciculture

Institut d� Economie Rurale (IER), Bamako

31/10 Ibrahima N�Diaye Coordinateur, Recherche Scientifique
Dansoko, O. Documentaliste


FAO Representation

05+11/11 Hashim Gamal A Shami Representative

University of Ibadan, Faculty Agriculture/Forestry

06-10/11 Falaye, A.E. Head, Department Wildlife Management/Fisheries
Akintunde, S.A. Librarian

University of Ibadan, Library

06-10/11 Ikem, J.E. Acting Librarian
Ekpenyong, G.D. (Mrs) Deputy Librarian
Ojedokun, A. Responsible, Computer Unit

Carnegie Database for the Sciences Project

10/11 Ogunmola, G.B. Project Director

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

10/11 Osaniyi, L. Senior Librarian, Documentation Centre


Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), Mombasa

29/10 Janga, J.T. Principal Research Officer
Omollo, J. Technologist (chemist)
Anam, R. Technologist (biologist / aquaculture)
Kilemba, L.M. Senior Librarian
Ochego, K. Librarian II
30/10 Wakwabi, E. Centre Director/Research Officer
Kilemba, L.M. Senior Librarian

Regional Co-operation in Scientific Information Exchange

in the Western Indian Ocean Region (RECOSCIX - WIO), Mombasa

29/10 Vanden Berghe, E. Project Manager (Belgium)
Odido, M.O. Local Coordinator
Kilemba, L.M. Senior Librarian
Onyancha, K.O. Librarian
30/10 Vanden Berghe, E. Project Manager (Belgium)
Kilemba, L.M. Senior Librarian

Baobab Farm Ltd, Mombasa

31/10 Haller, René Managing Director
Haller, Danny Farm Manager (fish/crocodiles)


FAO Office, Lilongwe

01/11 Snell,J.P. Administrative Officer

University of Malawi- Bunda College of Agriculture


Nyali, Gray L. Librarian

FAO Office, Lilongwe

04/11 Mikkolá, Heimo FAO Representative

Bunda College of Agriculture

04/11 Kadzanja, J. Registrar
Kanyama-Phiri, G. Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
Phoya, R. Head, Animal Science Department
Mukandawire, A.B.C. Act. Head, Crop. Science Department
Samu, Samu S. Head, English Language and Communication Department
Ngwira, S. Agricultural Engineering Department
Kaunda, E. Lecturer, Aquaculture/Animal Science Department
Nyali, G.L. Librarian
05/11 Kasomekera, Z. Principal
Matambo, A.G. Field Technician, Fish Farm.
Nyali, G.L. Librarian (survey form)
Kaunda, E. Lecturer, Aquaculture. (Animal Science Dept. visit)
06/11 Nyali, G.L. Librarian (databases)

FAO Office, Lilongwe

07/11 Mikkolá, Heimo FAO Representative

Southern African Development Community (SADC), Lilongwe

07/11 Kjartansdottir, A.(Mrs) Information Officer (ICEIDA)


ALCOM Programme, Harare

7-12/11 Moehl, J.F. (Jr.) Programme Coordinator
Verheust, L. Small Water Bodies (database)
Van der Mheen, H. Aquaculturist
Mashumba, F. Librarian
Zunguze, M. (Mrs) Information Officer (newsletter)

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, Harare

7/11 Stima, T. (Mrs) Assistant librarian
8/11 Machena, C. Assistant Director (Research)
11/11 Stima, T. (Mrs) Assistant librarian
12/11 Mtsambiwa, M.Z. Project Officer

Ministry of Agriculture


Mangau, A. Librarian (acting)

Belgian Agency for Development Cooperation, Harare

8/11 Leroy, M.J.M. Head, Regional Cooperation Section (SADC)


Rhodes University, Department of Ichthyology/Fisheries Science

18/11 Hecht, T. Head, Professor, Chairman AASA
Britz, P.J. Lecturer, Secretary/Treasurer AASA
19+20/11 Hecht, T. (Visit department and debriefing)

Rhodes University, Main Library

18+20/11 Ubogu, F.N. Librarian (Nigeria)
18/11 Kenyon, M. (Mrs) Chief Cataloguer

J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology

18/11 Skelton, P.H. Director
19/11 Greaves, Ria (Mrs) Senior Librarian
20/11 Skelton, P.H. (Debriefing)

National Enquiry Service Centre - South Africa

19/11 Crampton, M. (Mrs) Manager (databases NISC)

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