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Field training and implementation at national and regional levels


The aim of the FishCode-STF project is to improve substantially the quality of collection and processing of fisheries statistics and other data and information on capture fisheries in selected developing countries with important inland or marine fisheries. This would lead to better data for fisheries management at national level and, in cases of stocks shared between neighbouring countries, at regional level as well. Improvements in reporting to FAO and other agencies would be an important additional benefit.Capacity building will be supported at all levels, and implementation of improved or new statistical and other data collection and processing systems in selected countries. There is also a need for improved interaction between fishery statisticians, fisheries analysts, socio-economists and fish stock assessment experts. The Project facilitates this interaction.The regional workshops on improvement of fisheries monitoring systems will result in practical recommendations for direct follow up actions to improve the situation on national or regional level.Where possible these recommendations will be translated into field activities supported by FishCode STF or other donors.


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