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  • Global inventory of fisheries data collection systems
    This component covers the creation of methodological descriptions of fishery statistical and data collection systems used by all countries and regional fisheries bodies. The aim of this activity is to obtain a complete picture of all monitoring systems in use, so as to identify gaps in monitoring and above all to assess the quality of the systems used.

  • Marine small-scale fisheries
    It has been recognized that small scale fisheries have not been given due attention and that small scale fisheries in developing countries are not well monitored. Within this frame FAO developed in 2004 technical guidelines on small-scale fisheries, which will form the starting point for FishCode-STF to raise awareness and develop cost effective monitoring systems for small scale fisheries.

  • Inland fisheries
    The biennial FAO State of the world fisheries and aquaculture consistently points out the constraints of poor quality statistics and information available for inland water fisheries. FishCode-STF will support the development of alternative approaches for inland fisheries monitoring.

  • Capacity building
    Capacity building in developing countries is one of the major objectives of the FishCode-STF and will be undertaken by supporting recommendations provided in Regional workshops.

  • Field activities
    FishCode STF support a number of field activities to improve information on status and trends in capture fisheries.
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