Umbrella Support to Non-Governmental Organizations
 The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department recognises the important role of NGOs in promoting responsible fisheries precept and practice throughout the world, and FishCode works actively with a variety of international, regional and national fisheries stakeholder and conservation advocacy groups as part of its global partnerships approach to CCRF implementation.

Component status:Operational from June 2005
CCRF Reference:General
Budget:ca. USD 45 000 in ad hoc allocations from the FishCode Trust (No dedicated allocation/project as yet)
Primary Geo-focus:Global, with particular focus on less developed countries and countries in transition
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 USD 300 000 (USD100 000 per region: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa).

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