Fisheries and HIV/AIDS in Africa: Investing in Sustainable Solutions in West and Central Africa (HIV/AIDS)
 The Project aims at strengthening the capacity of people and agencies in the region to develop practical, coordinated and sustainable solutions to enhance the contributions of fish and fisheeries to economic and human development in Africa. In particular, the Project will build a strategic response to HIV/AIDS in the fisheries sector that will generate benefits for vulnerable groups in wider society. The Project will deliver outputs in three areas: improved knowledge base on the trends and risk factors of HIV/AIDS in the fisheries sector; viable investment options to reduce vulnerability and increase mitigation capacity in the fisheries sector and generate benefits for populations at risk in wider society; improved policies, institutions and processes for dissemination and investment in best practice.

Component status:Operational from October 2007
CCRF Reference:General
Budget 2007-2010:Ca. USD 1.5 million
Primary Geo-focus:West and Central Africa
Duration:Three years. Additional donor participation invited.

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