Training and Awareness for Responsible Fisheries (TrainFish)
 Progress towards improved fisheries governance will require strengthened political will, clear and effective policies, a strong legislative framework, improved MCS systems, and regional and international cooperation. But none of this can be achieved without strong public awareness and political support for responsible fisheries approaches. In addition, poor institutional structure and human resource development contribute to fisheries management deficiencies, with staff frequently being inadequately trained. The need, therefore, is to foster appreciation promote the implementation of the Code and associated instruments, as they apply to current and future circumstances, through fisheries managers and other stakeholders.

Component status:Operational from November 2004
CCRF Reference:General
Budget:ca. USD 1.5 million (in two projects)
Primary Geo-focus:Global, with particular focus on less developed countries and countries in transition
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 USD 2 million.

Tomorrow’s Catch (video)

Custom Training Courses (CTC)

Training and Awareness (SWE-TrainFish)

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