Fishing Operations & Safety at Sea (OPSAS)
 Fishing is probably the most dangerous occupation in the world. Fatality and injury rates are extremely high in comparison with other employment sectors. At the same time, fishing operations can have major impacts on aquatic ecosystems owing to the use of destructive or non-selective gear and practices. FishCode OPSAS aims at facilitating improved capabilities and capacities within target developing countries and regions to promote responsible operations, especially in the artisanal/small-scale sector. Guidelines, practical advice, and pilot action programmes address such issues as fleet management and vessel registration, use of low-impact gear, and application of safety at sea measures.

Component status:Operational from March 2006
CCRF Reference:CCRF Articles 6, 7, 8
Budget:ca. USD 150 000 in ad hoc allocations from the FishCode Trust (No dedicated allocation/project as yet)
Primary Geo-focus:Interregional (less developed countries and countries in transition)
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 = USD 450 000 (USD150 000 per region: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa).

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