Responsible Fisheries Post-Harvest & Trade (FishTrade)
 Improved post-harvest processing is a way of developing the fishing industry without increasing harvests. As well as reducing losses through poor handling, improved processing can raise the value added of fish products and establish uses for otherwise discarded catch. The important changes taking place in the areas of quality requirements and health and sanitary regulations are of the utmost importance for international fish trade operations, as are changing expectations in major fish importing countries with regard to fishing practices and their environmental impacts. The economic values at risk for developing countries are enormous. So too are the opportunities. FishTrade aims at the improvement of capabilities and capacities within target beneficiary countries and regions to enable them to respond effectively to increased responsibilities with regard to fish utilization and trade, in accordance with priority action areas identified by the COFI Sub-Committee on Trade.

Component status:Operational from June 2005
CCRF Reference:CCRF Articles 6, 11
Budget:ca. USD 175 000 in ad hoc allocations from the FishCode Trust (No dedicated allocation/project as yet)
Primary Geo-focus:Global, with particular focus on less developed countries and countries in transition
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 = USD 300 000 (USD100 000 per region: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa).


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