Responsible Aquaculture Development and Management (FishFarm)
 Aquaculture is seen not only as having greater development potential than capture fisheries, but also as an important tool for increasing food security and alleviating poverty. Realization of the potential for aquaculture production will, however, depend on the resolution of a number of critical constraints. FishFarm has the overall objective of improving rural livelihoods and food security through development and implementation of responsible aquaculture and management practices, including strengthened institutional and legal arrangements, in accordance with priority action areas identified by the COFI Sub-Committee on Aquaculture.

Component status:Operational from June 2005
CCRF Reference:CCRF Articles 6, 9, 10
Budget:ca. USD 162 000 in ad hoc allocations from the FishCode Trust (No dedicated allocation/project as yet).
Primary Geo-focus:Global, with particular focus on less developed countries and countries in transition
Duration:Continuing. Additional donor participation invited. Est. further budget required 2006-2007 USD 450 000 (USD150 000 per region: Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa).

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