FishCode component activities
FishCode component activities are field-oriented and closely linked to FI's normative activities under its Medium Term Plans (the latest MTP period covers 2006-2011).

Activities involve considerable capacity building and lay emphasis on sensitization of fisheries and fish trade policy makers and technical training and advice to planners, managers, fish food controllers, fishers, industry and trade personnel and relevant NGOs as a means to create enabling policy environments and to strengthen institutional capabilities to deal with CCRF implementation constraints.

Targeted training occurs in the form of national, subregional, regional and interregional workshops and sharing of lessons learned through multi-media dissemination of guidelines and reviews. Advice and assistance related to fisheries policy, legislation, planning, management and development for the harvest and post-harvest sectors strengthens the capabilities of national, subregional and regional institutions to fulfil their role in promoting responsible fisheries.

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