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Major techniques
Techniques classified by target species
American boat purse seining
Bottom pair trawling
Danish seining
Drum seining
European boat operated purse seinining
Midwater pair trawling
Pair seining
Scottish seining
Two boat operated purse seine
Alaska pollock: trawl Pacific / bottom trawling
More Barracuda fishing
Basses lining
Blue whiting bottom trawling
Capelin purse seining
Cephalopods: Octopus, Cuttlefish bottom trawling
More Cod fishing 
Cutlassfish, hairtail, sablefish (Trichiuridae) midwater trawling or HO
More Hake fishing
More Halibut fishing
Hoki, blue grenadier (Macruridae) bottom trawling
More Indian mackerel fishing
More Jacks fishing
King crab or other deep sea crab pot fishing
More Mackerel fishing
Norway lobster bottom trawling
Orange roughy bottom trawling
Pathagonian toothfish longlining
Pilchard (Sardinops) purse seining
More Ray fishing
Saithe bottom trawling
More Salmon fishing
Sandeel midwater trawling
Scallops, clams dredges fishing
More Seabream (Sparidae) fishing
More Shark fishing 
More Shrimp fishing
Small flatfish (flounders, soles) bottom trawling
Small pelagic (sardine, anchovy, herring) midwater trawling
Snapper (Lutjanidae) gillnetting
More Lobster fishing
More Squid fishing
Swordfish longlining
More Tuna fishing

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beach seinesbarrier, fences, weirs, etccast netsshore operated stationery lift netsdrifting gillnetsdrifting longlinesboat seinesboat dredgespotsAcetes japonicus; Acetes chinensis; Xyphopenaeus kroyeriRastrelliger kanagurta; Small Caranx;Engraulis ringensThunnus thynnusScallop; Placopecten magellanicusjacks; pompanossquid; cuttlefishAmerican lobster (Homarus americanus)gillnetter;handlinerseinerdredger

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