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Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. Beach seines with and without a bag
Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. Beach seines with and without a bag
Source: FAO-Fish.Tech.Pap.222, p. 23

ISSCFG code: 02.1 – standard abbreviation: SB
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OverviewA beach seine is a seine net operated from the shore. The gear is composed of a bunt (bag or lose netting) and long wings often lengthened with long ropes for towing the seine to the beach. The headrope with floats is on the surface, the footrope is in permanent contact with the bottom and the seine is therefore a barrier which prevent the fish from escaping from the area enclosed by the net. Two basic types of gear can be distinguished: seine nets without a bag (Fig. 1) and seine nets with a bag (Fig. 2). The first one do have, however, a central part with smaller meshes and more slack, which retains the fish caught. In the second one the fish are retained in the bag. It is not necessary for the bag to be exactly in the centre and in this case the wings are not of equal length.Handling EquipmentNo specific gear handling equipment is required for fishing operations but a large number of people for towing the seine to the shore. In some cases, wooden-made capstan can be fixed on the beach for facilitating the hauling of the seine to the shore.Vessel OverviewBeach seines are usually set from a boat (in general, a small boat, in many cases, without engine).Fish OperationWhen setting the first towing line is fastened ashore, then the line, the first wing, the bag, second wing and second line is set out in a wide arc and brought back to the beach. The bottom and surface act as natural barriers which prevent the fish from escaping from the area enclosed by the net. The drag lines are towed simultaneously from the beach. The fish is herded in front of the bag or bunt. For successful operations it is suitable that the ground rope reached the beach first, to bring the gear underneath the fish.Target SpeciesDemersal and pelagic species.Water Area OverviewAll over the world.Gear EnvironmentBeach seines are generally used near the shore in shallow waters either in inland and sea waters.ImpactsSpecies Shallow waters close to the shore are often spawning or nursery grounds. Beach seining in such areas disturb the breeding activities and lead frequently to the capture of juveniles. For these reasons, the use of beach seine is in a number of countries regulated/restricted by law.
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