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OverviewThe fishing spear in its simplest form is the fisherman's most primitive gear is known from prehistoric times. Like the hunter's spear it was developed to satisfy the need to extend the range and reach of the human arm. Spears range from the simple pointed hardwood stick to the more complicated many-pronged spears. This gear has no importance in commercial fishing.Vessel OverviewSpears can be used from the shore, from a boat or directly in water (diving).Target SpeciesToday, objects of spearing in commercial fisheries in inland waters and off the coasts are primarily larger and more valuable fish like salmon, tuna, Swordfish , sharks and eels. Spears are also used to catch slow-moving octopus, sea cucumbers and sessile sponges.Water Area OverviewCoastal sea and inland waters all around the world.Gear EnvironmentSpears are mainly used in shallow waters.ImpactsSpecies Low environmental impact.
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