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logoThe plan of implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) - Johannesburg, 2004 - includes the use marine protected areas (MPAs) as an instrument that contributes to the conservation and management of the oceans. Noting the increasing effort to use marine protected areas in a fisheries management context, the 26th Session of the FAO Committee of Fisheries (2005) recommended specific actions for FAO to assist States in meeting their WSSD commitments, in particular the establishment of representative networks of MPAs by 2012, and to increase knowledge on MPAs in a fisheries management context.

This web site is part of the programme implemented by FAO for a better understanding of the contribution of MPAs to fisheries management, and the identification and promotion of best practices and integrated approaches to MPAs. A set of current issues regarding the use of MPAs as a tool for fisheries management is introduced, including links to external internet resources of interest. A specific section presents the guidelines being prepared by FAO, on the design, implementation and testing of MPAs.

Funding the Programme

Work undertaken in relation to MPAs as a tool for fisheries management was previously carried out as a component of the "Promotion of sustainable fisheries: support for the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)" project.
From August 2009 it will be a component of the "Fisheries management and marine conservation within a changing ecosystem context" project.

Both projects have been funded by the Government of Japan.logo



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