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Fisheries (East Coast Trawl) Management Plan 1999.
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Countries: Australia
Regions: Oceania;Australia and New Zealand;South Pacific;Indian Ocean;ASIA AND THE PACIFIC
Territorial Subdivision: Queensland
Date of original Text: 18/11/1999
Date of Consolidation: 01/07/2010
Amended by: LEX-FAOC062179 Fisheries Management Plans Amendment Management Plan (No.1) 2006. 24/02/2005
Implements: LEX-FAOC040651 Fisheries Act 1994. 13/02/2020
Repealed by: LEX-FAOC103066 Fisheries (East Coast Trawl) Management Plan, 2010. 17/02/2017
Related Web Site: www.legislation.qld.gov.au
Type of Text: Miscellaneous
Abstract: This plan provides for the management of the East coast trawl fishery; as stated in section 2, the plan applies in relation to a) fishing for trade or commerce in the fishery by the use of trawl nets; or b) the possession of permitted fish taken under this plan from the fishery. It consists of 261 sections and is divided into six Chapters. Chapter 2 is dedicated to closed waters and regulated fish declarations. Chapter 3 contains general provisions on licences and fishery symbols, it covers also the use of bycatch reduction devices and of turtle excluder devices. Chapter 4 is dedicated to specific licence conditions for each of the nine types of licences under the Fisheries Act 1994. Chapter 5 contains miscellaneous provisions among others on threshold percentage for declared fisheries resources, on the reviewing of the plan and on offences and penalties. The plan is completed by seven schedules: the fishery, how the objectives are to be achieved, specified closed waters, regulated fish, effort unit conversion factor for boats, waters where scallops can be processed on boats and aids to interpretation and definitions.
Comment: Reprinted as in force on 1 July 2010 (includes commenced amendments up to2010 SL No. 164).This Regulation expires on 1 September 2010.
Main subjects: Fisheries