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  • Anarrhichas pantherinus  Zuiew, 1784, Acta Acad. Petropol., 1: 271, pl. 6, (Océano Septentrionali and White Sea). No types known.
  • Anarhichas karrak  Bonnaterre, 1788, Tabl. Encyclop. Méthod. Ichthyol.: 38 (Greenland seas).
  • Anarhichas maculatus  Bloch & Schneider, 1801, Systema Ichthyol.: 496 (Iceland). No types known.
  • Anarhichas leopardus  Agassiz, 1831in Spix & Agassiz 1831, Selecta Piscium Brasiliam: 92 (Atlantic off Brazil).
  • Anarhichas steenstrupii  Gill, 1873, Rep. U. S. Fish Comm. v. 1: 798. (Greenland).
  • Lycichthys minor  Jordan, Evermann & Clark, 1930, Check-list Fish North and Middle Amer.: 472 (Northern Atlantic).
    FAO Names
    En - Spotted wolffish, Fr - Loup tacheté, Sp - Perro pintado.
    3Alpha Code: CAS     Taxonomic Code: 1710200103
    Scientific Name with Original Description
    Anarhichas minor  Olafsen, 1772. Reise igienmem Island 1: 592, pl. XLII Iceland.
    Diagnostic Features
    Body elongate, depth more than 4 times in SL. Head large, snout blunt.  Jaw teeth strong, canine-like teeth in front, conical and rounded teeth behind. Teeth on vomer large, rather pointed, reaching back as far as the line of palatine teeth on either side of them.  Caudal fin with 20 to 23 soft rays.  Colour body yellowish or greyish-brown to dark brown, with numerous distinct spots extending also onto dorsal fin. Wide black bars in juveniles to about 10 cm. 
    Geographical Distribution
    In the Barents Sea east to Krestovaya Guba and Vaygach Island, north to Persey Bank. Along West Spitsbergen to North coast during warmer years, and from Spitsbergen to Norway, south to Bergen. From Shetland and Faroe Islands to Iceland, around Iceland and from there to East Greenland, north to Angmagssalik Fjord. In the western Atlantic along West Greenland north to Upernivik Fjord, sporadically to Thule, and from Baffin islands and northern Labrador south to Nova Scotia Banks, occasionally to Massachusetts Bay.
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    Habitat and Biology
    At 25 to 590 m depth, but most common at 100 to 400 m.Benthic, offshore waters over soft bottoms (sandy mud and mud), often with boulders.Feed mainly echinoderms, but also crustaceans, molluscs and fishes.
    Reproduction in April to December (mainly June-August), eggs deposited in spherical lumps at about 110 to 250 m. The larvae pelagic in June (at 2.4 cm), becoming bottom-living at 4 to 7 cm. 
    Maximum: 180 cm. Common: usually to about 120 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    Marketed fresh or as frozen fillets. Leather can be made of the skin.
    Local Names
    CANADA : Loup tacheté ,  Spotted wolf ,  Spotted wolffish .
    DENMARK : Plettet havkat .
    FINLAND : Kirjomerikissa .
    FRANCE : Loup tacheté .
    GERMANY : Gefleckter Katfisch ,  Gefleckter Seewolf .
    GREENLAND : Kaerrak ,  Kêrak ,  Qeeraq milattooq ,  Qêraq .
    ICELAND : Hlýri .
    NETHERLANDS : Gevlekte zeewolf .
    NORWAY : Flekksteinbit .
    POLAND : Zebacz pstry .
    PORTUGAL : Peixe-lobo malhado .
    SPAIN : Perro chico .
    SWEDEN : Fläckig havkatt .
    UNITED KINGDOM : Spotted wolfish ,  Spotted sea cat ,  Spotted sea catfish .
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA : Spotted wolffish .
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