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Cololabis saira:   (click for more)

Cololabis saira:   (click for more)

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  • Scomberesox saira  Brevoort, 1856: 281 (original description).
    FAO Names
    En - Pacific saury, Fr - Balaou du Japon, Sp - Paparda del Pacífico.
    3Alpha Code: SAP     Taxonomic Code: 1470200701
    Diagnostic Features
    Body elongate. Snout pointed. Posterior dorsal and anal fins modified into finlets (behind the dorsal and anal fins which are opposite each other and far back).  Lateral line low on side.  Jaws relatively short and pointed, with very small teeth.  Dorsal fin with 12-15 (total, including 5-6 finlets). Anal fin with 18-21 (total, including 5-6 finlets). Pectoral with 12-14. Pelvic fins abdominal.  Scales cycloid.  Total gillrakers 32-43.  Colour green to blue above; silvery on side. 
    Geographical Distribution
    Widely distributed in the north Pacific Ocean, between the coasts of America (Revilla Gigedo Is., Alaska) and Asia (Japan).
    Habitat and Biology
    Generally found offshore, usually near surface in schools and migrates seasonally to southern Japan and adjacent waters in winter, and Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands in summer.Feeds on small crustaceans, and eggs and larvae of fishes.May glide above the surface of the water when moving away from predators (Prey of Thunnus alalunga and other scombrids).
    To about 36 cm.
    Interest to Fisheries
    One of the most popular food fishes in Japan. The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 187 898 t. The countries with the largest catches were Japan (141 011 t) and Korea, Republic of (28 784 t).
    Local Names
    English : Mackerel pike ,  Pacific saury ,  Skipper .
    Finnish : Saira .
    German : Kurzschnabelmakrelenhecht .
    Japanese : Sanma .
    Polish : Saira .
    Satawalese Carolinian : Samma .
    Catalog On Line. Fishbase: ICLARM . Eschmeyer, W.N., E.S. Herald & H. Hammann, 1983A field guide to Pacific coast fishes of North America. Petersen Field Guide Series. Nº 28: i-xii+1-336 pp. 
    Yoshino, T., 1984 Scomberesocidae. In: H. Masuda; K. Amaoka; C. Araga; T. Uyeno; T. Yoshino (eds.). The Fishes of the Japanese Archipelago. Tokai. Univ. Press. 79.
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