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Ammodytes personatus:   (click for more)

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FAO Names
En - Pacific sandlance, Fr - Lançon du Pacifique, Sp - Lanzón del Pacífico.
3Alpha Code: PAS     Taxonomic Code: 1720400204
Diagnostic Features
Body cilindrical. Characterized by the presence of a horizontal skin fold along ventral contour, absence of pelvic fin and teeth. Cycloid scales. Lateral plicae 160 to 180. Lower jaw pointed. Lateral line system of head discontinuous with that of body.  Dorsal fin with 55-59. Anal fin with 28-32. Pectoral with 15-16.  Gillrakers 4-6 + 20-23. 
Geographical Distribution
Western Pacific from the Inland Sea of Japan to Hokkaido.
Habitat and Biology
Forms large schools.Aestivates in bottom sand.
Spawns in early spring.  Feed on zooplankton.
Usually attains to 15 cm.
Interest to Fisheries
The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 82 918 t. The countries with the largest catches were Japan (82 918 t).
Important food fish in Japan. Marketed fresh or dried and marketed fresh but mainly used for meal and oil manufacture in Europe.
Local Names
Danish : Tobis .
English : Pacific sandeel .
French : Lançon du Pacifique .
German : Sandaal ,  Sandspierling ,  Tobis .
Japanese : Ikanago .
Portuguese : Galeota-do-Pacifico .
Spanish : Lanzón ,  Saltón .
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