Collection Coverage  
Coverage: presently the database shows annual figures from 1976 organized by:
  1. about 245 countries territories or land areas;
  2. approximately 600 species/commodity items included in the FAO ISSCFC;
and then by:
  1. imports;
  2. exports;
  3. re-exports (for a limited number of countries); and
  4. production of processed commodities.
The commodity categories cover products derived from fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic animals and residues caught for commercial, industrial or subsistence uses, by all types of classes of fishing units operating in inland, fresh and brackish waters, in inshore, offshore or high seas fishing areas. Commodities produced from the raw materials supplied by all kinds of aquaculture are also included.

Data Periodicity: Data is reported yearly and the period used is the calendar year (1 January - 31 December)
Note: some countries or areas use a split-year in their reporting as indicated below:
  1. Australia (imports only), year ending 30 June
  2. Bangladesh, year ending 30 June
  3. Iran, year beginning 20-23 March
  4. Micronesia, year ending 30 September
  5. St. Helena, year ending 31 March
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