Commodity Production Subset   

Quantities of preserved and processed fishery commodities by country and by commodity, produced both ashore and on-board vessels utilising catches from commercial fisheries and aquaculture production

The data cover the quantities of preserved and processed fishery commodities produced from:nominal catches of all aquatic animals (except the catches of all aquatic mammals and the production of all aquatic plants) taken for commercial, industrial and subsistence purposes, by all types of fishing units operating in freshwater and marine areas;fish farming, shellfish culture, etc.;imported raw materials.

Statistics include species from which the commodity is produced, the commodity from (whole, filleted, shucked, etc.) and form of preservation (fresh, frozen, canned, cured, meal, etc.). They do not include turtles, frogs and crocodiles. Products such as costume jewellery and fish leather are also excluded.

The statistics include the output of processed commodities, produced on board factoryships and by fishermen's families as domestic activities, e.g. drying, salting, smoking, etc.

The statistics include also the preserved and processed fishery commodities produced on board domestic fish factoryships and fishing craft from the reporting country or area, even when landed directly in foreign ports. However, data do not include fishery commodities produced on board foreign fish factoryships or fishing craft and landed directly in domestic ports.

Production data for "Fish, live, fresh or chilled", "Live crustaceans", "Live molluscs", "Fresh unpeeled crustaceans" and "Fresh unshucked molluscs" are not included in the database, as these items cannot be considered to be either preserved or processed products.
Dimension : Quantity of processed and preserved fishery products
Type : quantity
Unité : Tonnes
Description  : Data series on production of processed and preserved fishery products are reported in terms of quantity
Source des données   
Production statistics are received from national reporting authorities
Assurance de la qualité   
Complete coverage
Méthode de collecte : National tailored questionnaire on production of processed and preserved fishery commodities (FISHSTAT FC1) sent annually by FAO/FIPS
Méthode de traitement : The missing production data are estimated by using a mixed technique, consisting of analysing trend of catch of relevant species, the information received from the FIPS questionnaire on disposition of catch (FISHSTAT DNC) through the application of appropriate technical input/output factors, from other published material (yearbooks in particular, commodity reviews and other intelligence). Often, exports are used as an estimate, thought in such way the commodities supplying the domestic market are omitted
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