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This database contains statistics of the world apparent consumption of fish and fishery products. A food balance sheet for fish and fishery products presents a comprehensive picture of the pattern of a country's fish supply during a specified reference period (calendar year)
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These three domains include statistics on apparent consumption of fish and fishery products based on food balance sheet methodology. The series, starting from 1961, are aggregated into eight major groups of species of similar biological characteristic and are expressed in terms of live-weight equivalent. Nutritional values in terms of proteins, calories and fats are also provided. Dataset
Food balance sheets of fish and fishery products (FishStatJ)

FAO Yearbook of Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics Link to resource

Food Balance Sheets provide an approximate picture of the food situation in the countries' self-sufficiency and their trends over time, which may be used, for economic and nutritional studies, for the preparation of development plans and the formulation of related projects, as in fact is being done in the FAO.
FAO/FIPS is responsible for supplying annual statistics of supply/utilisation accounts (SUAs) for 10 groups of primary fishery commodities and 9 groups of processed products derived from them to the FAO/WAICENT/ESS system of food availability and consumption data. This data cover almost all the countries and territories of the world from 1961. The SUAs contain the estimates of supplies from different sources matched against estimates of different form of utilisation of each product. These series are regularly updated and revised in the light of any new information. By taking data for a period, limiting it to food commodities and converting the food into calories, proteins and fats, it is possible to prepare food balance sheets (FBS). The food balance sheets derived from the SUAs of food products are consistent internally. The following data set description refers to the statistics of world apparent consumption of fish and fishery products based on food balance sheets.
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