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The objective of BEAM4 (BioEconomic Analytical Model) is to predict yield, value and a series of measures of economic performance as a function of fishery management measures such as fishing effort control, closed season, closed areas and minimum mesh size regulation.

BEAM4 is a versatile tool for the rational management of exploited living aquatic resources. It can deal with a fishery system of several stocks, several fleets, several areas (fishing grounds) and several processing plants and can account for migration of the animals as well as seasonality of recruitment.

The model behind BEAM4 is an agestructured cohortbased fish stock assessment model combined with an economic model of both harvesting and processing sectors.

The measures of economic performance calculated by the economic submodel include private profit, profitability, gross value added, net value added, national net value added, resource rent, employment, costs in foreign exchange and foreign exchange earnings.

BEAM4 is primarily designed for the analysis of tropical mixed fisheries with penaeid shrimps as the target and finfish as the by catch. It is, however, general, and in principle may be used to analyze any fishery. It is suitable for the analysis of resources shared between artisanal and industrial fisheries.

BEAM4 is implemented in TURBO PASCAL for IBM microcomputers. The system is userfriendly and menudriven. It contains extensive data entry, file handling and output facilities as well as graphical presentation of results.

Volume 2 contains a very brief user's guide to the microcomputer package BEAM4 and a short description of the software.

As the BEAM4 package contains extensive help facilities, it should be possible to run BEAM4 without consulting the present manual.

The reader is assumed to be familiar with the content of Volume 1.

Key Features:

Input parameters:
Enter, edit and print tables and graphs of input parameters and observations.
Perform calculations of Biological/technical and Economic model.
Save/retrieve parameter files. Settings of screen/help. Output table factors.
See output from most recent run of BEAM4.
How to get help and comprehensive help (text book).
System Requirements:
BEAM4 is implemented in TURBO PASCAL 3.0, MS/DOS for IBM compatible microcomputers (PC, XT, AT) with a hard disk. BEAM4 requires a minimum space of 2 MB on the hard disk.

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