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The Windows version of FiSAT (FiSAT II) is a program package developed mainly for the analysis of length-frequency data, but also enables related analyses, of size-at-age, catch-at-age, selection and other analyses. FiSAT II was developed for computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems and utilizes the standard Windows graphic user interface.

How to download

Please see the Download page for more information on this update.

The new look

FiSAT II takes full advantage of the Microsoft Windows environment however mantaining the look and feel of the DOS version. Among the many new features, FISAT II includes:

more refined graphs...

interactive graphic displays...

a mouse click away to other related functions...

online user guide...

and a host of other facilities.

Users registry

Users who want to register to the database of FiSAT users, please email details (name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) to: Merete Tandstad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. How will I know what version I have? 

    The version  number appears in the lower right corner of the flash form as you start FiSAT II. This can also be checked from the About form accessible through the Help menu.
  2. We used to download a much bigger set of files. Does this mean that some functions have been disabled?

    No. Efforts are made to re-program the main software to make it smaller and faster. Also, some of the utilities (DLLs and OCXs) became unnecessary in the process to run FiSAT II; hence the change of size. 
  3. Will all the features of the FiSAT (DOS version) be included in the new version?

    Almost all features of the FISAT (DOS version) will be included. The "Shell to DOS" function is an example that will not be made available in the new version as it is no longer appropriate. Majority of the functions in the "Utilities" menu in the FiSAT (DOS version) will also not be translated. These utilities are available as standard features in the Windows environment. 
  4. I tried opening MUMORG.LFQ that came with the installation and I get an error message.

    MUMORG.LFQ is a sample file using the old data structure. Users may import this file to its new data structure to make it useable. The SAMPLE.LFQ is the sample length-frequency data file. 
  5. Will the final version of FiSAT II have independent module as the BETA version?

    No. The interdependency of the modules makes it difficult for the authors to maintain the software. However, other analytical routines may still develop their own and published independently. Routines and parameters required to develop a software that will integrate well with FiSAT II will be published mid-2001. 


WARNING: Please read the following before downloading and installing FiSAT II

1. Stop all running software before installing FiSAT, make sure that your system decimal separator is defined as a dot "."

2. If you have a previous version of FiSAT II already installed, uninstall the previous version using the options in Settings\Control Panel\Add/Remove Programs, before installing the new version (do not uninstall by simply deleting the folder). If you have data files save them onto another folder before removing the software.

3. Download the new version clicking in the link below and save the FISAT_II_SETUP.ZIP on a folder in any local drive.

Click here to download the FISAT_II_SETUP.zip

4. After downloading, extract the FISAT_II_SETUP.EXE from the zip file, and run it.

5. If applicable, copy the old data to the "New" FiSAT II data folder.

If you experience problems installing or running FISAT II, please try to:

Replace the system decimal separator, or make sure it is defined as a dot “.”

Run again FISAT_II_SETUP.exe

If you still have problems running FiSAT, please contact us.



The work was carried out with support from FAO and the European Union through the project "Fisheries Information and Analysis System (FIAS)".


Contact us

You may direct your queries to any of the following:

Merete Tandstad
Marine and Inland Fisheries Service (FIRF)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources Use and Conservation Division (FIR)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Room F618
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00153-Rome, ITALY
Tel: +39 06 57052019
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