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RFLP implemented measures to improve safety at sea and reduce vulnerability for fishers and other community members all six participating RFLP countries. Training was held for fishers, boat builders and inspectors, accident reporting pilot initiatives launched while basic safety equipment such as lifejackets were also provided.

In three documented incidences 18 lives were saved through the use of RFLP supplied safety equipment and training. In Sri Lanka a fisher was saved by a lifejacket provided by RFLP, while a diver put his safety training to use and did not panic while lost at sea. In Timor-Leste a dry pack provided by RFLP to keep mobile phones dry proved its worth when a boat with 16 passengers on took water on board and began to sink and the phone was used to call for help. Other notable achievements include the development of a National Plan of Action for the Safety of Vessels and Fishers at Sea in Sri Lanka.

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