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SSF Workshop

Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approach to the Assessment of Small-Scale Fisheries - 20-22 September 2005

In September 2005, FishCode-STF and the WorldFish Center held an agency stakeholders workshop on the role of small-scale fisheries in food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable resource use, and on the development of simple and appropriate methods for collecting data in such fisheries.The Workshop is a first step in developing a collaborative project towards capacity-building for small-scale fisheries assessment in developing countries. Participants represented various international and national agencies and academic institutions as well as private firms, and were invited on the basis of their extensive experience in small-scale fisheries either from a natural or social science background. The Workshop addressed three main tasks through plenary and working group sessions:

  • preliminary development of a framework for interdisciplinary assessment of small-scale fisheries;
  • identification of appropriate approaches, methods and research needs to help fill small-scale fisheries information gaps,
  • preparation of an outline implementation strategy for a collaborative project on small scale fisheries.

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SSF Workshop
SSF Workshop

Two steps have been taken as immediate follow up to the workshop:

  1. Revision of a concept paper on the Integrated assessment of Small scale fisheries.
  2. The creation of a “Virtual Office On The Assessment Of Small Scale Fisheries”. The virtual office will serve as a contact point for persons/institutions dedicated to work on integrated assessment of small scale fisheries. www.OneFish.org
  3. Establishment of a “Small-Scale Fisheries Assessment Global Working Group E-Forum”. The Group aims to:
    • Develop a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to small scale fisheries assessment and related management advice
    • Assemble related assessment methodologies and tools for use by fisheries researchers, planners, administrators, practitioners and other stakeholders.
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