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The objective of ASFA partnership is to establish an international network of participating ASFA Partners which cooperate in capturing and disseminating the world's fisheries and aquatic science literature.

Participation in ASFA will allow your institution to:

  1. Increase the visibility of your institution's research – including your institution's research on ASFA means it is searchable and discoverable by fisheries and aquatic science professionals worldwide. Inclusion on the ASFA database also ensures that otherwise hard to reach grey literature documents can be easily located.
  2. Access to the ASFA database – in return for input efforts, ASFA partners are given free access to the ASFA database, which contains over 2.5 million records on fisheries and aquatic sciences.
  3. Participate in an international fisheries and aquaculture information network – joining ASFA means cooperating with over 100 fisheries and aquatic institutions worldwide. This provides a number of learning, training and networking opportunities for your institution.
  4. Professional development – all ASFA partners are provided with training and ongoing support in creating bibliographic records, indexing and knowledge and information management skills.

An organization should consider applying for membership as an ASFA Partner when it is prepared to assume or fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • each ASFA Partner must identify a list of serial publications (usually those published within its own country) for which it will be responsible for monitoring and preparing bibliographic input
  • each ASFA Partner must prepare bibliographic input in accordance with the ASFA editorial rules. Training in the ASFA input methodology is necessary and will be provided
  • each ASFA Partner should endeavor to participate in the annual ASFA Advisory Board Meetings

All ASFA Partners must sign the ASFA Partnership Agreement. The ASFA Partnership Agreement lists the responsibilities and the entitlements of the ASFA partner.

New ASFA Partners are given a training course in order to learn how prepare and to submit bibliographic references to the ASFA database. Ongoing support is also provided to ASFA Partners to ensure the high quality of ASFA records.

If you are interested in joining the ASFA Partnership, please contact the ASFA Secretariat ([email protected]).

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