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Puerto Cabezas - Nicaragua, 07/11/2023 - 09/11/2023
La pesca es uno de los trabajos más peligrosos en el mundo. Esto se demuestra en las altas tasas de [...more]
Colombo - Sri Lanka, 20/09/2023 - 21/09/2023
Sri Lanka is one of the most fisheries-dependent countries in the world but also among the top ten countries globally [...more]
Colombo - Sri Lanka, 19/08/2022 - 19/08/2022
The Ministry of Fisheries of Sri Lanka and FAO organized a stakeholder meeting on fishing vessel design adaptation to climate [...more]
Cairo - Egypt, 14/02/2022 - 17/02/2022
Too many accidents are happening in small-scale fisheries. Most small-scale fishers are not carrying safety equipment on board in the [...more]
Virtual - Barbados, 02/02/2022 - 02/02/2022
A safety at sea refresher workshop is organized to update the knowledge of Caribbean safety at sea trainers and share [...more]
Nassau - Bahamas, 25/11/2021 - 25/11/2021
The Department of Marine Resources of The Bahamas and FAO organize a stakeholder meeting to discuss the state of the [...more]
Apia - Samoa, 14/07/2021 - 14/07/2021
Approximately 300 fishers were awarded certificates in sea safety at a ceremony held in Apia, Samoa on 14 July 2021. A [...more]
Cairo, Egypt (virtual) - Egypt, 05/07/2021 - 05/07/2021
A Virtual Event on Raising Awareness on basic measures to improve safety at sea for small-scale fishers was organized by [...more]
Rousseau - Dominica, 22/02/2021 - 03/03/2021
Thirty participants, including four women, successfully completed a five day Basic Fishermen Training, including safety at sea, in Rousseau, Dominica. [...more]
Six fishing districts (i.e. St. George, St. John, St. Mark, St. Andrew, St. Patrick and Carriacou and Petite Martinique) - Grenada, 27/07/2020 - 20/11/2020
The Windward Islands Research & Education Foundation (WINDREF) at St. George’s University in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Resilience, [...more]
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